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Hello, Ryan Berube here!

Click through to my selected business and finance resources for your further information and use. This is just to get started; I tried not to include anything too advanced in there!

Why "Life On My Terms"? It was something that resonated with me around the idea of building a business and a life as an entrepreneur.

By doing what I've done in business, I've been able to build a life on my terms rather than accepting a traditional career path and middle-class mindset.

I think it's the same reason many of us homeschool... why accept the status quo when there are other, maybe better options? Not just in deciding to homeschool, or build business, but also in ways of thinking!


Supplements and Resources

Robert Kiyosaki, esp. Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cashflow QuadrantThe $100 Startup, Chris GuillebeauThe 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey
Video on business mindset and reinvesting into the growth (Kerwin Rae is really worth following as well):

Reddit; many niche subreddit communities, but especially check out r/EntrepreneurRideAlong, r/Entrepreneur, r/startups, r/business.

Facebook; (this is how I learned much of what I know). Follow pages Anik Singal, Tim Ferriss, Kerwin Rae, Gary Vaynerchuk, make friends with entrepreneurs, and join groups Traffic and Copy, Future Marketing, Coffee With Dan, ClickFunnels (Official).

Meetup; you'll find meetups around many different topics. Some of my favourites are Cashflow game clubs and entrepreneurial groups.

Podcasts; learn from interviews with entrepreneurs. My favourites are Travel Like A Boss, Invest Like A Boss, and The Tim Ferriss Show. There will likely be good podcasts in your chosen field as well.

Courses and Education

Make Your Mark (great 3-day business events):

Udacity, free micro-courses in tech:

Lynda, learn any skill from experts by subscription, $30/m:


Upwork, find freelancers in any field:

Fiverr, freelancers focused on completing specific tasks, starting at $5:

Not an extensive list, but these are many of the fields I've seen potential in for business and investment.

Service businesses, like my architectural business. Often the most mundane services can make the most money.Purchasing established, profitable websites. Brokers: Latonas and Flippa. Intelend may lend money against website purchases in a pawn-loan style.Real estate, especially in value-rich developing parts of the world; Colombia, Panama, Chile, Vietnam. Prices are low, rents relatively high. Property values rising.Related to above, AirBNB rentals. This can be done as a business.Stock or forex trading. Must be trained well and follow disciplined systems.Related to above, margin lending. Most exchanges/brokers which offer leverage offer the chance to lend your money daily/hourly at high rates.Following a process in mathematically probability-driven systems like sports betting, gambling, etc. where you determine you have the edge mathematically. Requires discipline, as trading. Arbitrage, taking advantage of and bridging inefficiencies. One place this is especially profitable is in sports betting, where by betting with two different bookies on both sides of an event outcome you could have a guaranteed win. Check surebetting. E-commerce, especially around dropshipping. Course recommendation: Drop Ship Lifestyle.Cryptocurrency is a whole new field. See Finances page for more learning. Check mining, brokering, investing/holding, masternodes.Affiliate marketing, where you earn commission to run ads to sell someone else's product.Consulting or niche training of some sort. In today's information world, the value of a consultant or trainer isn't so much about presenting new ideas, or teaching anything that couldn't be found online for free, but instead about cutting through the noise and saying concisely exactly what needs to be said.



Article serves well as a primer for both how money and banking work, and an overview of what Bitcoin is and how it works.

Video on reserve banking, specifically the Fed in the USA. A little bit fear-mongering, but explains how "currency" works:

Video titled "How The Economic Machine Works", builds on the previous by explaining economic and debt cycles:

Good debt vs bad debt: Good debt helps you leverage an investment for even better returns. It helps you make money. Bad debt is debt you take on for unnecessary spending. It helps you spend money; better to avoid this debt unless it's for something reasonable and necessary like a house or car.


Financial Mentor follows that "earn more, lose less" financial mindset and has rundowns of financial strategy and calculators for your use:

Minimalism, the idea that less is more when it comes to both possessions and noise/over-commitments. More stuff just requires more energy for maintenance than it's worth. It's much easier to focus without distractions. Check out Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things on Netflix,,, Tim Ferriss.

Meetup; you'll find meetups around many different topics. Some of my favourites are Cashflow game clubs and entrepreneurial groups.

A Story of Debt, Ashley RiordanAgain, anything by Robert Kiyosaki.


Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions on these resources, or want to know anything else around business or finances.

I have a lot more where all of this came from... I'll do my best to get back to you with something good!